What Travel Means

According the dictionary, travel is move from one place to another, which is very true, but for me travel, is more than that, travel is known the unknown, is learn something different, is take a deep breather and dream awake admiring the planet, is appreciate the world we are on, is the perfect connection between emotions and illusions, is knowledge, is freedom, is like flow defenseless towards new experiences to enrich yourself.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, travel has a huge number of meanings, for me the closest one is “challenge”, why? ; because when you travel you challenge yourself, to try to communicate in a different language, to try a new kind of food that you haven’t try before, to deal with a different type of currency, to try to find the way back to your hotel in a place that you don’t really know, to try to understand their idiosyncrasy because they got offense for something that you did unintentionally, etc. What is so good about it?  you must ask yourself, because when you got challenged you are obliged to improve your ability and capacity to:  communicate in another language, to locate yourself in a place that you haven’t been before, to manage successfully  a new currency, etc. So when you challenge yourself, you end developing yourself, knowing your limits and your skills, and how to use them, that is why travel is consider the most rewarding experience in life, because definitely, it is the best way to know yourself.

Not only to know yourself, rather make yourself better, imagine somebody who does not know you and see you dressing different, and looking totally different than him, but he offers you a great smile and his hospitality, this will be the best lesson of tolerance you can receive in your life, and probably next time you will see somebody strange for you in your place, in your town or your city and you will do the something similar remembering that experience, you have already become a better person, your prejudices will change and that is good , remember prejudices are the strongest attachments in life , and  those are the ones which does not let you to move up or grow as a person.

Every single thing you can learn from a trip, and bring home with you, will be part of your existence and will amplifies your personal background, the experiences and life memories are the ones who define your personality and future, travel helps to release the stress as well and definitely it is the healthiest type of fun you can find, so there are many valid reasons why to travel, contact us and let us know your intentions, we will give you the greatest option ever, PERU INKA TRIPS OFFERS YOU MORE THAN A TRIP, OFFERS YOU A LIFE MEMORY, get out there and escape from the routine, do something different.

Tuesday, 18 Mar 2014